Organic frozen fruits

Great variety of frozen fruits

Frozen fruit purees

Frozen fruit purees

Fruits from Bulgarian Gardens

High freezing quality


We carefully choose our raw materials from certified and controlled growing areas and farmers. By picking and collecting only the fruits which are well ripen at strict hygiene on the fields, we can achieve high quality on final products.


Observing the organic standards from the field through the processing till storage we control the whole process. Regular pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology and radioactivity screening are applied for the fresh and processed product.


The equipment used for processing and freezing is from well established producers. Processing takes place quickly after harvesting.


We run management system with 100 % full traceability back to the field. Full pesticides screening as well micro and heavy metals analyses are constantly performed. Customer audits are welcome – both on the fields and production site.


We can storage at -22° C circa 1000 tones frozen product at once. As well chilled storage at 4°C. However we have to buy our raw material at the time of harvest so this is the best to cover and contract annual supply of our customers.


The company has well established agricultural unit and Quality control units. Our team will process your enquiry and order. We are able to offer flexible scheme of deliveries spread or prompt and significant volumes at constant quality.

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